RCTRADER’s is well known for its wide range of innovative products among its customers and partners. Currently, RCTRADER’s has an exceptional track record of exporting frozen chicken to areas like udumalai pattai, pollachi, madathukulam, tirupur, and coimbatore. With a network of over farmers and an ultra modern state-of-the-art facility in Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, RCTRADERS enjoys complete control right from selection of the breed, hatching, rearing to processing of the final product.


Chilled chicken product

1.Whole chicken, 2.Drumstick,3.Curry cut,4.Lollipop,5.Boneless breast,6.Marinated Lollipop,7.Marinated Drumstick, 8.Marinated curry cut(Chicken Chilli Style )

Frozen chicken product

1.Chicken Lollipop, 2.Chicken Drumstick & Liver, 3.Chicken Gizzard, 4.Chicken B/I Leg & Breast, 5.Janatha chicken, 6.Chicken W/S & S/I Wollobed, 7.Chicken Wings, 8.Chicken 12Pics cut, 9.Chicken Top Chicken, 1.Chicken Supreme

Value Added Eggs

1.Active 2.Heart 3.Pro 4.Shakti.


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